Just a Minute

Which is your favourite Claudette Johnson work?

Is there a drawing or painting in Claudette Johnson's exhibition that speaks to you? Perhaps it reminds you of something, or you are interested in the story behind the sitter. Let us know as we would like to share this with Modern Art Oxford's social media followers. 





What's involved?

Please message me (Andree) at andree.latham@modernartoxford.org.uk with: 

1.  The name of the work you have chosen

2.  1 - 3 lines about why you have picked the work. This could be your observations, feelings, or any reseach you have conducted about the work. 

3.  Whether you are happy for us to use your first name in a social media post. It's useful to personalise these posts, but we understand if you would rather we didn't!









Why get involved?

Why? Breaking down any barriers between the art work and our audiences is something that we try to do through Communications and Marketing at Modern Art Oxford. Hearing what inspires others and why can help us to bring the art works alive, encouraging people to visit the exhibition and learn more about the gallery by visiting our website, or engaging with us on social media. 

Ideal Skills

  • Copywriting
  • Research
  • Social Media

Ideal Interests

  • Computers and Technology
  • Creative and Arts
  • Learning and Education
  • Marketing and communications
  • Social media
  • Story telling

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